First Launch Experience

EMILY.RPA is a cross-platform process automation robot that can support Windows 10, MacOS 11.6, and mainstream Linux desktop operating systems including Ubuntu 20.04, Fedora 24, Debian 8 and above. Before starting, please make sure that the installation computer can connect to the domains and Below we will take you step by step to complete the first launch experience of EMILY robot:

1. Sign Up

The email address entered will become your new EMILY account. After clicking the SEND PIN button, an email containing a six-digit PIN code will be sent to the given email address in a few minutes. Please enter this PIN code on EMILY's Signup screen and click VERIFY PIN button to finish the registration process.

2. Download, install, and execute a demonstration skill

After completing the registration, click the Download Skill icon on the upper right corner of the screen to open a new browser window called SKILL HUB (as shown below). Please select a demonstration skill, such as the skill titled Google search demo, and press Download icon:

Some skills require users to provide input files. Take Google search demo as an example. You would first need to download "keyword.csv" from the cloud drive link shown in the description. After Downloading the file, click the 📎 icon to select the file you have just downloaded. You can click the INSTALL button only after all input files have been assigned.

Now EMILY.RPA has obtained the downloaded skill. Click the execution button on the right to start the automation.

You will see a browser window appear for the automated skill execution. After a countdown, EMILY will automatically perform Google keyword searches one by one based on the provided "keyword.csv" file. It will then copy the specified store information and compile it into an output table.

The task will be completed within a few seconds. After completion, EMILY.RPA will close the browser window and save the output file from the skill execution into a newly generated working folder. At this point, you can view the results of the automated execution on the execution result page.

Congratulations! You have now completed your first skill automation. It is pretty straightforward, isn't it? Now you can find the skill automation you have just completed in the execution results. Clicking on the REPORT section will allow you to see the results generated by EMILY.RPA after the execution.


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